David Pavéz Aguilera

David Pavéz Aguilera - born on 13 August 1948, in Santiago, Chile; son of Eduarda Aguilera Merino and Manuel Pavéz Caro, emigrants from the south.

From earliest childhood he feels attracted by traditional music and social-political songs.
At the age of 14 he learns to play guitar by self-instruction.

Up to the age of 18 he lives in La Palma, in immediate neighbourhood to the district Nogales
where in 1969 he meets Victor Jara who gives him fresh stimulus and motivation for his own musical

In 1970 David produces and presents 2 music-programmes for young people at Radio Magallanes and Radio Prat.

When Unidad Popular and Salvador Allende achieve political triumph, David becomes a public relations
officer at "CORMU", an association subordinated to the Housing Ministry.

Working with " CORMU " he meets up with Victor Jara again and his distant cousin Hector Pavéz. Both
motivate him to devote himself to Andean music.

With the army putsch in 1973 David loses his job as a victim of political persecution. In 1974 he must
give up his radio-programmes.

In 1975 he emigrates to Argentina where he gives music his full attention. In 1978 he establishes "Los
Andinos" with musicians from Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.

His cultural work does not last long. In August 1978 the dictatorial regime expels him from Argentina.

Today David lives in Germany going on with his music - expression of his identity - as founder and Director of "Los Andinos".