María Aurora Ríos L.

Actress (theatre)

  • in different ensembles in northern Chile, amongst others with parts in:

"Arlequín Teatro de Arte"


"Ariaka" - directed by the famous actor Miguel Angel Bravo

  • participant at the "II Festival de Teatro de la Universidad de Tarapaca"

Poet and author

  • pseudonymous:  Antares Delmar
  • literary work from earliest youth

  • 2001: publications in the literary magazine "La Cazuela", in Arica, and working here as a freelance

  • 2003: in cooperation with the literary group "Neyenmapú" the special print "Sube a nacer conmigo" appears - her homage to Pablo Neruda:

  • 2004: the poem "Sensorial" is published in the anthology "Aires de Libertad", edited in Spain
  • 2004: publications in the anthology "Neva" – the first binational coincidence of poetry
  • 2005: preparation of the volume of poems "Semblanza Sensorial"

Announcer and presenter

  • announcer in northern Chile
  • since April 2005: presentation of the radio programme "Acuarela Andina" (Radio Experimental in Quintero, F. M. 92.7) a project from David Pavéz Aguilera, musician, composer and producer, who lives in Germany

Antares Delmar:         

"The path will be more stony,

if your feet do not know

the simple and humble walk