Media about "Los Andinos"

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"It is a soft and melodious music, maybe the most impressive, when suddenly breaking out from restrained melancholy into joy and happiness." ("Rheinpfalz", Ludwigshafen)

"Los Andinos" have become calmer; elements of chamber-music are prominent. The simple, lively dances, however, are still part of the repertoire and fire the audience." ("Allgemeine Zeitung", Bad Kreuznach)

"Approximately 15 instruments were played by the musicians. Each member of the group is an outstanding soloist." ("Hochheimer Zeitung", Hochheim)

"The international cast of Los Andinos is the special thing about it. Traditional and popular melodies and rhythms are impressively combined with stylistic elments of European classic music." ("Öffentlicher Anzeiger", Bad Kreuznach)

                                                                                                                           Roberto Silva Rios